7 Fun Facts about 4th of July

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Some are easy, some pretty difficult. How many can you get right? No Googling  😉

  1. When the colonies declared their independence, who was the king of England?
  2. How many total hot dogs are consumed on July 4th each year?
  3. How did the nickname “Uncle Sam” start?
  4. How many people were living in the United States of America in 1776?
  5. How many people have BBQs or cookouts on July 4th?
  6. What is our national bird?
  7. The Declaration of Independence starts with what seven words?

How’d you do?

Impress your friends & family with your 4th of July knowledge, or have a trivia competition. 🙂

The Outdoor Furniture Team at the Teak Warehouse, wish you and yours a fabulous 4th of July weekend. Whether you are having a BBQ or cookout, entertaining in your outdoor living area with family and friends, going camping, hiking, biking, SUPing, or watching fireworks – have fun and stay safe.

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  1. When the colonies declared their independence George III was King of England
  2. On July 4th Americans consume 150 million hot dogs each year.
  3. The name “Uncle Sam” began in 1812 when a meat packer by the name of Sam Wilson delivered meat to the U. S. Army. The meat shipments were stamped with U. S. and someone joked that the initials stood for “Uncle Sam” and the name caught on.
  4. There were 2.5 million people living in the U. S.A. in 1776.
  5. Over 74 million people have BBQs or cookouts on July 4th.
  6. The bald eagle is our national bird.
  7. The first seven words of the Declaration of Independence are “When in the course of human events”.